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What are your main concerns?


Perceived Hurdles

We have identified how a network of aerial drones could transform how medical supplies are transported in Scotland and beyond. 

We are also aware of the challenges that medical drone deliveries could pose, for example:

  • Noise pollution: perception that the noise is different, or loud, or annoying, or too frequent
  • Visual pollution: perception that the visual impact of drones is too visible, or too frequent
  • Flight safety: risk of a crash in the air or on the ground
  • Privacy concerns: collection of photos or private data using the cameras mounted on drones
  • Security issues: the misuse of drones by malicious people, or simply drone pilots flying in the wrong place by mistake
  • Identification of medical drones: to separate them from other unknown drones
  • Job losses, for example in conventional modes of transport
  • Impact on the environment: global impact not only of electric motors, but also looking at production and lithium batteries 
  • Yet another piece of technology in our lives: the concern that we do more and more activities via a smartphone or a piece of technology that we do not always fully understand or master.

Help us identify the biggest challenges or roadblocks we should focus on by answering the questions below.

For you, how important are the following concerns:

If you focus on noise

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